The "Mom Cave"-- Your Crafting Retreat

Crafting Weekends-- Stay & Play!
Actual guests enjoying the Mom Cave! Amenities are ​​​​exactly as shown!
Book your crafting weekend with us and you'll have full, exclusive access to the "Mom Cave" downstairs (our dedicated crafting space with its own half bath) and the the "Guesthouse" upstairs (our 3 bdrm, 1 bath apartment with a full kitchen).​​​

Meet the "Mom Cave"
Grab your gear and spend a relaxing weekend at the "Mom Cave"!
You'll enjoy the large, 30" x 48" tables and ergonomic chairs. The Scrap-ma-bob cup holder and trash bag is a must, as well, so we provide those, too. 
​Stream your own videos using our free Wifi, pop in a DVD, or watch free satellite TV on one or both of the TV's.
The Mom Cave even has its own refrigerator/freezer and ample counter space you can either use for your own equipemnt or for snacks (not provided).

​The Short Answer:
Only $450 for the weekend for your group of up to 8 people

The Slightly Longer Answer:
Yep. We're serious. Only $450 for the weekend. For a typical group of 6 people that's only $75 per person for the weekend-- at least 25% less than most other crafting retreats. Add person #7 and #8 and the deal only gets better!

PLUS, check in is 9:00 AM Friday and check out isn't until 7:00 PM Sunday, giving you about 12 HOURS more than most other venues!

Large tables, ergonomic chairs, and cup holders for everyone-- plus ample counter space for drinks and snacks (not provided), extra supplies, or your equipment 
Secure AND Accessible Space
Unfortunately the Guesthouse and Mom Cave are separate spaces. It's necessary to go outside to go from one to the other. (To be clear, the doors are right next to each other. You won't be walking half way around the building.) You'll love the secure accessibility from the Guesthouse to the Mom Cave, though. The smart locks allow you to go easily from one space to the other without worrying about keys or leaving either space unlocked. They even allow us to program the code of your choice for the duration of your stay. 

Flexible Furnishings
The space comfortably fits up to eight people, and the tables and chairs are easily movable, allowing you extra space if you have fewer than eight in your group or allowing you to rearrange things to be more comfortable, if you'd like.
Meet the "Gusthouse"-- Great Living Space, Too!
It's not just the crafting space that you'll love. You'll stay upstairs in the "Guesthouse," a 3 bedroom, 1 bath apartment with a full kitchen that quite a few guests have now thoroughly enjoyed. Both the kitchen and bath were redone in 2016, making it a relaxing place to stay in its own right! See more at the Guesthouse's page .
(This space can be rented separetly, but is automatically included when you book your crafting weekend with us.)

Reserve Your Weekend Soon!

Crafting weekends are available September through May. Use the link below to book yours now!