What We Offer
We're thrilled to be able to bring new life to our little part of Unionville by offering both the first and second floors of our building as short-term rentals. 
Upstairs, you'll enjoy a newly renovated bathroom and kitchen as well as three bedrooms with six beds, sleeping a total of up to 8 people. 
Downstairs you'll be able to use what was, most recently a flower shop-- now reconfigured to make it perfect for scrapbooking, stamping, card making, or similar types of crafts.
Rent one, rent the other, rent both-- it's up to you!

The First Floor-- The "Mom Cave"
The first floor gives you access to an approximately 20'x25' room, furnished with tables and chairs to accomodate up to 8 crafters. There is also a counter area that is perfect for snacks and drinks (not provided) and a refrigerator/freezer.  Add in wireless internet, satellite TV,  and a sound system that you can use to play your own playlists and you've got a wonderful space to relax and enjoy yourself! When you're done, you can leave your materials where they are for the duration of your stay. You'll have 24 hour access to the space during your rental by means of a key code that is set up for each guest for the duration of their rental. 

The Second Floor-- The "Gateway Guesthouse"
The second floor is the living area. It's a three bedroom, one bath, apartment with a newly renovated bathroom; fully furnished kitchen (complete with stove, dishwasher, and refrigerator/freezer); and in unit washer and dryer. Did we mention that satellite TV and wireless internet are included? Just make yourself at home!
A Short History of the Gateway Guesthouse

Who are We?
We are Steve and Betsy Stolarczyk, recent transplants to Unionville, Michigan, who have fallen in love with the town and its people and, especially, our little corner of it. Back in 2014 we bought an old, 2-story building in the heart of downtown Unionville. After living there for about 1 1/2 years ourselves, we are now excited to be able to offer the same 3 bedroom apartment we enjoyed as a rental for anyone vacationing or visiting our area.

About the Building
In the heart of downtown Unionville is a 100+ year old building that has been many things. According to our research, it was originally a hat shop. However, it has also been a bakery and a flower shop through the years. The second floor space has served as the telephone exchange for the town and, more recently, as an apartment.
We hope we've been faithful to the wonderful history of the building with the updates that we've done. It's also exciting to no be a small part of that history!

​Why the "Gateway"?
Unionville, Michigan bills itself as the "Gateway to the Thumb." As the nickname suggests, this isn't a common travel destination. It is, however, conveniently located among wonderful destinations like Caseville-- home of the Cheeseburger Festival every August-- and Frankenmuth-- a beautiful city that still embraces its German heritage and is known for its fried chicken and Christmas ornaments. Staying in Unionville gives you great access to great places in our little corner of the world.​